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Vans Shoe Designs

A Hallsville High School sophomore, Landon King, has designed a tiger themed shoes that may with a cash prize from Vans Shoes. The competition by Vans Shoes runs through October 13th and allows online users to vote for their favorite shoe design. Landon designed his shoe by inking it out with map pencils on a 3D printed scan of a shoe. The competition has participants print a 3D scan of a blank shoe and draw the design they like on it. The winner will take home $25,000 and their shoes will be mass-produced to be sold in stores.


The top 10 participants with the most votes will be sent two pairs of blank shoes to draw designs on. From those, the winner will be selected and awarded prizes. Landon came up with a tiger theme for his shoe design after seeing a Gucci ad. As of last Thursday, he already had more than 600 votes for his tiger Vans shoe. Voting will end on October 13th, and the overall winner will be announced on December 19th. I really like this because it is a good way to get new generations interested in footwear. These are people that could someday be designing the 3D printed shoes we see in the future.


Original Article: https://www.marshallnewsmessenger.com/news/hallsville-sophomore-in-vans-shoes-competition-for-shoe-design/article_1db8c094-e62b-11e9-bbf8-97271a9c73f8.html


Vans Voting: https://custom-culture.vans.com/homepage


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