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"Walk Of Mind" Shoes

Hadar Slassi has introduced a pair of shoes that are a blend of digital and traditional planning. They are a merge of five layers that form the skeleton of the shoes, which are both lightweight and durable. They are created using an originative shoe layering compound method that retraces the known base hierarchy of function and shape in shoe layers. It combines addictive manufacturing 3D printed SLS mold of natural web cracked earth patterns, with traditional wet molding vesicle forms. These “walk of mind” shoes are a compound of five stratas. Strata is a geological term that describes the fundamental Earth unit and replaces the tern layer. The design process begins by using a digital scan of a certain foot. The design can be adjusted to any foot, allowing for it to be a better fit for consumers. A lot of the influence comes from spiritual, yet Earthly ground. Not only is it amazing to see 3D printed shoes, but I love seeing the unique ideas that are created using the method.


Original Article: https://www.designboom.com/design/cracked-earth-patterns-shoe-hadar-slassi-digital-traditional-design-03-15-21/

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