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Why WIIVV's CEO is Not Afraid of adidas | 5 Predictions 

Source: Next Steps: 5 Predictions Driving the Footwear Industry by 2025


3DPrint.com sat down with one of the founders of WIIVV to discuss the launch of the adidas Futurecraft4D x Carbon announcement. The Three Stripes will be releasing 100,000 pairs of the 4D shoe in the next year. An announcement like this should have made WIIVV tense. A big time sports company is entering a space that is literally being created and driven by startups. They have more money and more access than a venture, or in WIIVV's case, crowd-sourced funded company.


Instead of fear or trepidation Shamil Hargovan is excited about the move by adidas and his excitement only deepens his belief that personalized footwear is not a trend, but the next logical movement into additive manufacturing. In order for brands to maintain their connection to the customer they will have to take on features like personalization to remain relevant. This doesn't limit WIIVV or prevent WIIVV from growing, it brings more attention to the brand and the technology that is needed to create custom crafted footwear.


Technology companies like Carbon (SpeedCell), HP (Jet Fusion), 3D Systems (Figure 4) and GE have been working hard for years to bring the 3D printing of consumer products to the mainstream market. However, the industry at large and the major footwear brands have yet to fully capitalize on what we see as the true value of 3D printing: functional customization. Beyond aesthetics. True custom products at scale. No in-store foot scanners needed. For everyone, from anywhere. - Hargovan


Shamil expounds his thoughts by introducing 5 predictions for footwear and the 3D market. One of those predictions is that the footwear industry will hit 600 Billion, but the most important is that the business will become about sustainability and helping people enhance their lives. It's a dazzling discussion from a guy at the forefront of the 3D movement. Take a moment to use the source link to read more.


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