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WIVV Sandal Review

Here at 3Dshoes.com, we got the opportunity to try some revolutionary footwear technology employed by the folks at WIIVV. 


WIIVV is currently at the forefront of the 3D shoe revolution and leading the charge with its 3D custom printed insoles.  CEO Shamil Hargovan was featured in Forbes 30 under 30,  and the company’s Kickstarter campaign was the most funded 3D printed product ever on the crowd funding platform.  


At first it appeared a bit intimidating, but the process was much easier than anticipated.  To get started, download the WIIVV app.  You will also need a sheet of computer paper.  Follow the instructions by taking a few quick photos, that the app walks you through with a voice command, pick your style and checkout. You insoles will come in around five business days.  The process is remarkably easy.  


WIIVV custom insoles run for $89, far less than going to a Podiatrist.  Going to see a doctor for custom insoles generally runs for $300-600 and can take around 40 days to receive.  With WIIVV you get custom insoles that arrive in just a week and they are extremely well made, with your name personalized on both sides of the sole.


It is just a matter of time that a major manufacturer steps up and partners with WIIVV, to deliver custom insoles directly embedded in the footwear.  Previously, Nike offered custom shoes but it was limited to style.  WIIVV is without a doubt leading the footwear revolution that is 3D.


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