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World-leading technology is introduced in Lore Cycle. A 3D-printed shoe.

Every LoreTwo shoe is meticulously crafted from either nylon or carbon using cutting-edge 3D-printing technology.

Lore Cycle has launched a new 3D-printed shoe
Lore Cycle has launched a new 3D-printed shoe

Lore Cycle claims to have developed the most technologically advanced cycling shoe with its latest LoreTwo range.

Every LoreTwo shoe is meticulously crafted to perfectly fit a rider's foot, using advanced scanning technology and 3D printing with carbon or nylon materials. The American brand claims that these shoes offer unparalleled comfort and biomechanical efficiency, setting a new standard in footwear. Given the impressive claims, it's not unexpected that the new shoes come with a noticeable price tag, starting at $1,349.

Surprisingly, the price of the new model is lower than its predecessor, the LoreOne. The LoreOne made quite a splash in 2021 as Lore's first 3D-printed, custom shoe. Additionally, the American brand proudly announced that it had successfully crafted the inaugural custom, 3D-printed shoe of its kind.

In order to produce the LoreOne, customers were required to use an app to scan their foot. However, the process has been updated for the LoreTwo. Now, customers need to visit a retailer for a more thorough foot scan. This process can be completed in less than 10 minutes, and the scan is then sent to Lore in California. There, using cutting-edge technology like continuous carbon fiber robotic 3D printing, the shoes are created. The process ensures an incredibly precise fit, down to the sub-millimeter level.



The latest shoe offers more performance, according to Lore Cycle
The latest shoe offers more performance, according to Lore Cycle



That's not the only area where the differences lie. According to Lore, the company has made adjustments to some of the more unconventional design elements of the original shoe in order to focus more on performance. It's no surprise that this includes a heightened emphasis on aerodynamics. According to Lore, the LoreTwo also offers improved power transfer, efficiency, and eliminates dead spots.

"The LoreTwo bridges the gap between the extreme features of the LoreOne and the sport's more traditional aspects," Lore stated in a press release. "Although the LoreOne was an innovative venture into the realm of cycling performance in the outer universe, the LoreTwo takes it a step further by providing enhanced power and efficiency compared to conventional cycling shoes. What sets it apart is its highly customizable and forgiving design."

There are three models in the new range to choose from, with the top-tier option being the LoreTwo Mid Carbon. This material is made from carbon, which includes a unique dorsal upper panel that is currently pending a patent. The panels extend further up the foot towards the ankle, which explains the 'mid' part of the name.

The remaining two pairs feature a sleek design with a lower upper section that doesn't stretch as high. The first option is the mid-tier LoreTwo Low Carbon, followed by the only nylon shoe in the range, the LoreTwo Low Nylon.


by Tom Hallam-Gravells

source: https://www.globalcyclingnetwork.com/tech/news/lore-cycle-launches-worlds-most-advanced-3d-printed-shoe

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