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World's First VEGAN + 100% Plastic Free Sneakers

Made with waste pulp from processing PINEAPPLE, BAMBOO and our TREE SAUCE.


100% Natural built with the process waste from BAMBOO and PINEAPPLE. Tracking and offsetting our carbon usage so we can be CARBON NEUTRAL.


Our Materials

Made with waste pulp from processing bamboo and pineapple. That same resin can bond particles of ground plant pulp into a leather replacement that is treated and textured to feel just as soft, supple and great fitting as natural leather. 

TREE SAUCE is magic. We spend thousands of hours testing our tree resin based binder, cooking and treating our recipe to deliver a revolution in making of sustainable shoes. Naturally sourced and just as strong as petroleum based binders.

Natural Rubber is the best. We work with ethical rubber manufacturing to gather our raw ingredients and then they are treated with TREE SAUCE to make it hardened and long lasting.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a future with that is cruelty free to animals and the planet. To that end we invented something awesome! TREE SAUCE is a natural tree resin based binder that will revolutionise natural/sustainable material creation. 

We are so proud of our new technology and your support of this campaign will show the big footwear brands that waste pulp materials can succeed at scale. 

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

Vegan leather products have meant buying plastic, we've here to change that. Our shoes are made from reclaimed plant waste and turning it into our awesome leather replacement material. 

we have 4 styles of tee shirt, each can be printed on a white, grey or black tee
WASTIES TEE #1 - Minimal

Each shirt is made from 100% recycled materials and offered in two different fits (male/female) and a variety of colors and sizes.

Colors: White, Grey, Black                   Sizes:  XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

WASTIES TEE #3 - Pineapple

6.12 KG CO2e / PAIR is our average carbon footprint. We are constantly looking to improve our process and reduce the carbon water and material usage. Each shoe receives a carbon offset tree planting for the lifetime carbon content it creates.

Grown Materials. We replace leather which is one of the highest carbon output materials in the footwear and garment industries with plant based waste materials bound together with our natural TREE SAUCE.

Waste into Use is a big deal. We aim to source unwanted materials that would otherwise be thrown away and use new processes to make them into useful products.


The leather making process is bad. Tannery effluent contains large amounts of pollutants, such as salt, lime sludge, sulfides, and acids.  Arsenic, a common tannery chemical, has long been associated with lung cancer when people are exposed to it on a regular basis, and studies of leather-tannery workers in Sweden and Italy had cancer risks “between 20% and 50% above [those] expected.”

Were Your Pledges Go

Your pledge for a pair of Resinate Shoes will buy you the most durable sustainable shoe on the market, a shoe that looks good on the street and will last long enough for you to buy less.

Additionally the funds raised in this Kickstarter will be applied to the following developments and help us grow into a company that can make a difference.

we have 2 pieces of wall art, size 16x12

We want to thank all the members of our team for all the hard work in putting this together and give our heartfelt thanks to the Kickstarter community for supporting us.

Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Long-lasting design

Wasites are as tough as leather but made in a sustainable and ethical way, your shoes will last just as long as your old pair of cow leather sneakers.

Sustainable materials

We make Wasties Shoes from natural materials and join them without petroleum based glues. Upper made from Pineapple and Bamboo fiber joined with Tree Sauce, sole made from Natural Rubber cured with Tree Sauce.

Sustainable Distribution

We are committed to providing carbon offsets for the manufacturing and transportation of every sneaker. Currently 6.12 KG CO2e / PAIR is our average carbon footprint.



SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wasties/100-plastic-free-vegan-wasties-shoes

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