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Xube, the First Commercial Volumetric 3D Printer by Xolo

Xolo, a startup primarily based totally in Berlin, Germany, has advanced and provided xube a brand new device that might be described because the first commercially to be had volumetric 3d printer. Let’s now no longer, however, get carried away. While it can be to be had to order for purchase, the device has genuinely been advanced as an experimental device to check viable packages of a volumetric 3d printing technique that the researchers at the back of the enterprise have named “xolography”, in order that extra humans can recognize the revolution of this new shape of additive production and “see it coming”, because the enterprise tagline goes.

We did now no longer see it coming. And I need to admit that our pals at Fabbaloo were given to this tale first after it was posted in Nature. We’ve covered volumetric 3d printing before, however, the generation stays marginal because it has no commercially feasible packages yet. However, we do count on this technique to grow to be plenty of extra applicable withinside the years to come.

In reality, the xube should develop into some thing much like what Formlabs executed with the Form 1, Ultimaker, Makerbot and Prusa did with their first 3d printers, CELLINK did with the Inkredible bioprinter, or Sinterit did with the primary Lisa: deliver a generation that is basically experimental—or constrained to the very best tiers of commercial production—to a broader public of educational and industrial adopters.

The German researchers who advanced and are carrying out assessments at the xube device count on that volumetric 3d printing are the subsequent step onward from sequential additive production methods. The xolography technique is a dual-color approach that makes use of photoswitchable photoinitiators to set off neighborhood polymerization inner a constrained monomer quantity, upon linear excitation, via way of means of intersecting mild beams of various wavelengths. In different words, due to the fact volumetric 3d printing wishes to “hit” one-of-a-kind components of the liquid resin at one-of-a-kind instances, in a 3d quantity, to recreate a 3d photograph at as soon as (and now no longer only a 2 layer over an over), the researchers modify how deep mild penetrates into the resin via way of means of converting the wavelength.

The researchers from xolo and  German universities tested this idea with the xube volumetric printer, which has been designed to generate three-dimensional gadgets with complicated structural capabilities in addition to mechanical and optical functions. Compared to trendy volumetric printing methods, this approach has a decision approximately ten instances better than computed axial lithography without remarks optimization, and a quantity era fee 4 to 5 orders of importance better than -photon photopolymerization. The researchers count on this generation to convert fast volumetric manufacturing for gadgets on the nanoscopic to macroscopic period scales. This technology will bring positive changes the way materials are being 3d printed and company 3DShoes will benefit from this as well. Bringing improvement to the footwear industry is what 3DShoes is always looking forward to.

Source: https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/xolo-presents-xube-volumetric-3d-printer/
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  • You say : « This technology will bring positive changes the way materials are being 3d printed and company 3DShoes will benefit from this as well. »

    Can you explain how the technology will achieve that ?

    Luc Prévost

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