Adidas is continuing to expand its Futurecraft 4D shoes with the help of DLS 3D printing technology, with the help of Carbon. Their new shoe, the Y-3 RUNNER 4D II is part of the Y-3 fashion label and is an updated version of previous Y-3 shoes with 4D technology. Following previous Futurecraft 4D shoes, the Y-3 comes with a 3D printed midsole developed with Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology. The new shoe builds on the existing 4D formula in order to help improve the performance of the shoe. Futurecraft midsoles have been nominated for Consumer Product of the year in the 3D Printing Industry Awards.


Releasing in about a week, the shoes are expected to retail at around $600 USD. The Y-3 RUNNER 4D II has midsoles that were tweaked to be thicker and higher. The shoes also feature a wider foot bed to provide multidirectional stability and a higher energy return in certain areas. Another key feature of the midsoles is its bone-white color. The Y-3 abandoned the green hue of previous shoes in favor or a more complimentary finish. They also feature a rubber outsole as part of a collaboration with Continental, to help provide improved grip and traction.


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