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YIKES - The shoe box for your home - Protect and present your sneakers!

Hi guys, my name is Maiko and I am the founder of Yikes. The Yikes brand was started because like many, I am a huge sneaker lover. But for me it's not just shoes, it's a lifestyle of collecting joy, shoe love and a good investment opportunity.

Since I am proud of my large sneaker collection and like to highlight them, I have been looking for a long time for a suitable storage option that offers special protection, organization options and at the same time a kind of showroom for favorite shoes. - This is what Yikes and the accompanying Premium Box with all its features should make possible.

You can find our product video here: https://vimeo.com/684411461 


Sturdy acrylic walls protect the contents of the box from dust and dirt. The boxes can be connected to each other through a USB Type-C. Thus, it is possible to power up to a maximum of 20 boxes stacked on top of each other, through a USB-C power adapter.

The Yikes Premium Box is equipped with 6 high-quality LEDs, which displays the shoes with an optimal presentation. For this, either the sound control, which is activated by clapping or flicking your fingers, or quite simply by an Alexa voice command, can be used. Now the show begins - your treasures are in the foreground for one minute. After that, the light is switched off automatically one after the other. 

To switch to a permanent lighting, the switch offers the optimal opportunity to do so.

For a special highlight of the box we travel back to the future. With the wireless charging technology built into our Yikes boxes, even sneakers of the future - such as the Nike Air Mag', as well as other self-lacing shoes, can be charged quickly and safely.

For now, the Yikes Premium Box is available in white. Future plans are to offer the colors shown in the product video, as well.

Here at Yikes, we are always looking to develop new products and ideas so that our sneakers -our statement- will always perform well. In the future, the focus will be on high-quality shoe care, special shoe gadgets and other upgrades such as limited editions of the box.

With this innovation the shoe world is revolutionized and opens a new era for passionate collectors- Whether the latest trend in sneakers, soccer shoes, figurines or even caps.

Here, every collectible finds a place to present its uniqueness.

 project video thumbnail

Here you can see the process from the technical drawing to the first prototype. Our difficulties in the beginning were to install the LEDs as well as the charging station in a way that they work optimally. But after several attempts we were able to master this. 

We are still at the beginning with our brand, but we are very motivated to realize our dream. We are not afraid of challenges and are eager to share with our supporters in an honest way and to truly satisfy them in the end.

To reach our goal we hope for your support!





SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yikesbox/yikes

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