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ZEROFLY Performance Running Shoe

Ultralight | Cushioned | Bio-Based | Recycled | Carbon-Neutral | Fitness

Hi folks! 👋

Jan and Marek here. You might have heard about the global sporting goods industry having a problem. A big one. Actually, many big problems. In the past decades it has become the embodiment of Fast Fashion. Petroleum-based plastics, strategic over-production, ridiculous greenwashing campaigns and massive carbon emissions. Not good.

And that's why we founded WINQS. We are the world's first sports brand manufacturing all of its running shoes, sportswear and accessories with bio-based or recycled materials, while reducing and then offsetting 100 % of its carbon footprint in a certified way.

Thanks to some pretty cool tech, our products are great not although but because of the eco-friendly materials we're using - castor beans for example help with ultralight cushioning, eucalyptus yarns provide a wonderfully soft lining and our recycled rubber delivers perfect grip.

So get your exclusive pair of the amazing WINQS Zerofly™ now. You'll not only save over 30 %, but also help us challenge an industry that really needs to be challenged. Let's do this together!

And we’re the world’s first carbon-neutral sports brand producing all of its shoes, sportswear and accessories with bio-based and recycled materials. We provide eco-conscious people with high-performance equipment. 

Our goal is to create a sports industry free of petroleum-based plastics and with a minimum carbon dioxide footprint, so we work with renewable resources and reduced and compensate all our CO2 emissions. 

When we created Zerofly™, we wanted to make sure that we weren’t only creating a seriously sustainable product, but that we were also creating a truly awesome running shoe. 

And that’s exactly what we did.

We paid special attention to the entire life-cycle of our shoes, and made sure to create each pair from totally sustainable materials. Our textiles are completely biodegradable, and we help to extend their life through repairs and donations. So once your Zerofly™ are worn out, we’ll take them back and make sure to repair, reuse and recycle them responsibly.

That’s how we ensure that your running footprint leaves no carbon footprint.

Colors: Star White, Midnight Black and Pacific Green / Sizes: Women's 37-41, Men's 41-47 / Weight: 232 g (US 10) / Drop: 9 mm (27 mm heel, 18 mm ball) / Outsole: GeckoGrip™ / Midsole: Bio ePEBAX® / Insole: Bloom™ / Upper: Recycled Knit & Lyocell / Lacing: Lyocell

Having grown up as ambitious athletes themselves, after our studies, we ended up working in the sporting goods industry. And for more than ten years the we helped another sports brand with its international growth.

But being as passionate about equipment and sports tech as we are, the lacking innovation of the global sports industry felt increasingly frustrating. For decades the big sports brands were stuck with petroleum-based plastics, causing massive pollution of air, ground and water. It is estimated, that over 20 billion sports shoes are being produced every year, causing 300 million tonnes of carbon emissions alone. Without anyone feeling responsible to clean up.

So we launched WINQS. The Berlin-based sports brand became the world’s first sporting goods manufacturer producing all of its shoes, textiles and accessories with plant-based and recycled materials, all in a transparently certified carbon-neutral process.

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