Bundle Felfil Evo and Spooler

Bundle Felfil Evo and Spooler

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The complete system at a special price: Felfil Evo and Felfil Spooler (fan included) bring extrusion to your desktop. Extrude and spool your 3D printing filament in a fast and easy way.


Complete Filament Factory for your Desktop

Get the complete extrusion system at a special price: Felfil Evo and Felfil Spooler (fan included) bring extrusion to your desktop. Place Felfil Evo, the fan array, and Felfil Spooler on your desktop and start to make your own filament.

Using the Felfil Bundle you can create recycled filament from shredded prints or custom filament from your unique material.

PLA – ABS – PETG and more
Our extrusion system is suitable for many different materials, from common ones to composite.

from 1.15 m/minute
It depends form the material you are extruding, but you can regulate the rpm speed from 1 to 9.

from 0.5mm to 3mm Ø
Calibrate filament of your needed size thanks to the Felfil Spooler measure and calibration system.

Limited at 250° C
We can unlock the temperature until 300°c on specific requests, anyway 250°C covers many polymers.

10 micron
A high-precision sensor measures the filament produced while the software adjusts its diameter.

Specifically made screw
It is made in steel and has a conic profile in order to improve the material’s compression with a 12,7 l/d ratio



Felfil Bundle is the perfect solution if you want to extrude easily. We suggest making the first extrusion test with the material sample that you can find in the box.

Felfil Evo Filament Extruder
Felfil Spooler
Fan Array
Material Sample (about 400gr)
Power Supply and Power Cord
USB cable

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