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3D Insoles To Help Athletes With Injury

A Belgian footwear retailer named Runners Service Lab, helped explain the customization process that is behind the creation of Phits Insoles. Insoles that were used by athletes in the Rio Olympics this year, made by scanning and 3D printing. Runners Service Lab has always advised athletes, both professional and amateur, on selecting the best-running shoe to help maximize their performance as well as reduce the risk of injury. After the company joined the world of 3D printed shoes, they provided us with Phits Insoles. These are 3D printed insoles and orthotics designed by the companies RS scan and Materialise.

As I have gone over before, major companies are working with 3D printed shoes, including Under Armor, Nike, 3DShoes, Adidas, and New Balance. However, Runners Service Lab has several years of a head start on custom made 3D printed running shoes. Their products have even won some health and fitness awards. Great athletes such as British marathon runner Paula Radcliffe have worn Phits Insoles. The insoles are available from retailers across the globe, but Service Lab is the company’s flagship location.

3D printed insoles offer inherent advantages such as intricate internal geometries and lightweight structures, and a customization aspect that helps athletes take full advantage of the technology. In addition to boosting comfort levels, there are also insoles for those with injuries. The 3D printed orthotics can give athletes suffering from shin splits the extra support they need. Good design and support with help sites like 3DShoes.com and other 3D Printed shoe retailers provide a range of products to consumers.


Original Article: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20160911-custom-3d-printed-insoles-from-phits-help-athletes-recover-from-injury.html

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