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3D Printing Biggest Footwear Trend in 2016

3D printing was the biggest trend in footwear for 2016, states a recent article I came across. The year 2016 was a “techy” one, between 3D printing and robots being introduced into the footwear industry. We have heard a lot about 3D printed shoes from many companies, and some even began working on prototypes using the method. Adidas, for example, released its first available 3D printed shoe, as did their rival New Balance. We even saw non-athletic shoe companies such as People Footwear and Ryka join in on the idea.

Adidas has shown us the many possibilities of 3D shoes in the future, with their liquid factory, which uses state-of-the-art software to literally draw shoes in three dimensions. Nike has been slower in the 3D printed shoe race, but recently announces a partnership with the popular printing company HP. We also saw DSW partner up with Feetz, which will bring 3D printed footwear to its stores. 3D technology is a driving force that is transforming retail, and we at 3DShoes.com intend to keep up with the race. 3D printing technology holds the potential to chance the entire footwear manufacturing chain. Footwear production will become faster, and closer to home.

The most aggressive company so far has been Adidas, with the opening of its first robot-enables Speedfactory in Germany last year. The facility is being used to manufacture shoes made of recycled ocean plastic and naturally degradable Biosteel fibers. The other companies like New Balance, 3DShoes, and Nike are not too far behind, and we will definitely see them come out with new and amazing things. When it comes to innovations in how shoes will be bought, consumers are the ones who will drive the biggest of the change. Studies show shoppers are more likely to buy footwear using an app than shopping online. But with the advancements we’ve seen, that will not stop the 3D printed footwear industry for continuously expanding.


Original Article: http://vampfootwear.com/3d-biggest-trend-footwear-tech-2016/

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