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3ders.org Compiled a List of 3D Software | Technology

3ders.org – List of 3D Software

Source: 3ders.org – List of 3D Software

3DShoes.com realizes that in time 3D Printing Software will become as accessible as printing software for laser printers. The technology is continuing to decrease in cost and as more companies decide to provide footwear and apparel crafted and personalized via 3D Printing, the technology around the segment will shift and 3D printing will begin to emulate traditional printing and customization.

What does this mean? Once purchasing a 3D customized item becomes the norm and not an anomaly, then people will begin to treat the process of 3D printing like tailors and seamstresses who purchase patterns to create apparel based on a particular trend.

A 3D pattern will allow those who are still enamored with branding to purchase the print file for an STL, download it from their favorite brand (see this article on Nike)


and submit it to 3DShoes.com if the person doesn’t have access to a 3D printer. That personalized file could possibly be updated with one of the software options from this list assembled by 3ders.org.

Use this link to begin learning more about software options for 3D printing.

3ders.org – List of 3D Software

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