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Miss America Contestant And Computer-Coded Shoes

3D printing and 3D printed shoes is already an amazing innovation. But what is more amazing is experiencing someone significant wearing some of the final products. Recently, Miss Georgia was one of those people to wear a high-tech pair of shoes on her feet. At the “Show Us Your Shoes” parade, Miss America participants wear footwear honoring their home state. Miss Georgia, or Patricia Ford will be wearing a battery-powered computer-coded LED shoes crafted at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The white wedges on the shoes light up based on Patricia’s movements. A Georgia Tech electrical engineering Ph. D. candidate, Ryan Beckmann, specializes in wearable computing and coded the micro controller for the shoes. Each heel is hollowed-out with a tiny compass and accelerometer that communicates with the controller to change the light patterns on the outside of the shoes. The heels also include a mini version of the Atlanta skyline, which was added by industrial design student Jordan Thomas. The word “tech” is embellished on the back of each shoe. Amazing designs like this could really add to the potential of 3D Shoes.

Ford is confident no other contestant will have such a unique and innovative shoe. This is the first time a Miss Georgia has worn high-tech heels made at Georgia Tech to the “Show Us Your Shoes” parade. However, two years ago a student wore 3D printed shoes featuring a finely-cut detailed laser-cut grill. It also feature 3D printed headlights, a laser-cut pattern on the heels, and little 3D printed wheels. That was the first time a Miss America contestant wore 3D printed footwear. New Balance, 3DShoes.com, Adidas, and other companies may someday be involved in these ideas with all the advancements they already have.


Original Article: https://www.cnet.com/news/miss-america-contestant-to-walk-the-walk-in-computer-coded-shoes/

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