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FIDM Workshop This Weekend

Recently I wrote about a workshop at FIDM in downtown Los Angeles. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce students to 3D shoes and 3D footwear design and development using Rhino 5 CAD software. You can get more info and register at our website or An article about this was recently featured on and offers more information as well. The workshop is this coming weekend, so those eligible to go should definitely take the opportunity.

3D printed shoes are a new development, but the industry is fast growing and learning about it will help people stay ahead. There are an increasing variety and availability of flexible 3D printing materials for shoe manufacturers. 3D printed shoes may sound like a gimmick or short-lived trend to those who are new to it, but it allows for customizable perfect-fitting shoes that are not possible with other technology. Thanks to designer Daniel Garcia, students at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) will be able to learn about 3D printed footwear.

The FIDM campus in downtown Los Angeles will be the location of the workshop on November 5th. The workshop will go from 9am to 4pm, and participants will have the chance to learn how to design shoes for 3D printing with Rhino 5.0. The cost for registration is $155 for students and alumni and $165 for non-alumni. Space is very limited – the article on mentioned only 14 spots being left, so I assume there may be less by now. Attendees may bring their own laptops if they with, with the demo version of Rhino 5.0, but lab computers are available.


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