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Gensole Innovative Insoles

Every part of a 3D printed shoe plays an important role in comfort and functionality. My write-ups have focused a lot of uppers and lowers, and the design of the shoes. However, one important component I have not mentioned enough is the insoles. Recently another company has come up with great insole designs. A man named Steve Wood has shown us a great, free, browser-base design tool that will guide you through the steps of designing a 3D insole. The tool called Gensole works with flexible filaments to help acquire the insoles perfect for you.

Steve Wood has been working on 3D printed insoles for a while now. He is also experienced with flexible 3D printing and has been working on the perfect 3D printable insole. Wood has worked about a year to gain all the knowledge he needed to create Gensole. The final result is amazing, and we may even see insoles like this included with, Adidas, or even Nike in the future. Gensole, which is short for Generate Insole, is a tool that allows the user to design a custom insole from the comfort of their own home.

The insoles are created based on foot scans, variable density insoles with different densities, insoles to optimize airflow and blood simulation, and shoe profiling. With Gensole every parameter is bundled together, to make it easier to produce perfect insoles. Although Gensole lacks the ability to add orthotic corrections, it matches the properties of a foot scan. You will be able to change the digital model to introduce corrective properties. Perfect insoles will help shape the future of 3D printed shoes.


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