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Michael Phelps Represents Under Armour

Today starts the opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics. Athletes are always expected to show off the newest innovative equipment that the world has to offer. Swimmers in the Olympics usually only show us equipment like repellant fabrics. However, this year Michael Phelps has something amazing to show us; 3D printed shoes created by Under Armour. Not only that but they have a footprint printed on them of his three-month-old son’s footprint.

These shoes have a 3D printed lattice midsole, which helps provide a light and springy cushioning to them. This makes the shoe ideal for training activities, including heavy weight lifting and speed workouts. The final product factors in durability, flexibility and weight to be the perfect preference for a wearer. A big part of the whole innovation is that the shoes can be customized, as we can see with Michael Phelps’ pair. Right on the sole and the outside of the shoe is a tiny black footprint, made from the shape of his son’s foot. This is the perfect way for a father to travel while keeping his son close to him as possible.

Phelps is one of the first athletes to be wearing a custom pair of Architech shoes, giving Under Armour a great way to showcase their product. A pair of their 3D printed golf shoes were showcased at the 2016 Open Championship recently. Will ideas like this we could see all kinds of stars and athletes wearing products from 3DShoes.com, Adidas, New Balance, Nike, and other companies joining in with 3D printed shoes. It won’t be long until we see almost everybody wearing a pair.


Original Article: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20160803-under-armour-gives-michael-phelps-special-3d-printed-shoes-with-son-footprint-inside.html

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