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New Balance MS066 Shoe

Previously this year, New Balance gained a lot of attention for their limited edition $400 Zante Generate shoe, which had a3D printed midsole. The company has released a new sneaker model called the MS066 that features the same 3D printed midsole tech that the Zante had. The MS066 will be exclusively sold in New York City at the Concepts boutique, with a retail price of $349.95. The shoe was designed at New Balance’s Lifestyle Design Studio in Tokyo. It features a minimalist and sleek aesthetic and eliminates laces for a knitted and form fitting upper part of the shoe.

As previously stated the MS066 features New Balance’s innovative 3D printed shoe midsole. The company has been working on and testing the midsole for years now. The 3D printed midsoles were additively manufactured using SLS (selective laser sintering) technology. The process works by building up and object layer by layer using lasers on a bed of powder. The US-made MS066 midsole with feature a honeycomb structure, which is optimized for both cushioning and stability. Flexibility and comfort is an important component for 3D printed shoe companies like, New Balance, and Adidas to include in their products.

The 3D printed midsole of the MS066 has been attached to the seamless, double layered upper, and the shoe is topped off with a quality leather heel counter and heel pull tab. If you wanted to get yourself a pair, you will find it difficult because they are only being released in a quantity of 40. However, you can enter a raffle for a chance to buy a pair of the $350 sneakers, which are available through the Concepts store in New York City.


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