Nike Redesigns Magista 2 Football Boot with the Help of 3D Printing Technology - 3DSHOES.COM
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Nike Redesigns Magista 2 Football Boot with the Help of 3D Printing Technology

Of all the major footwear manufacturers implementing 3D printing technology into their latest gear, Nike has been on the forefront of the experimentation and innovation. Earlier this year, Nike introduced a custom 3D printed track spike for sprinter Allyson Felix, and also partnered with the international tech company HP, which has shaken up the additive manufacturing industry with their professional-grade Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology. Now, Nike is giving a complete redesign to their Magista 2 football boot, utilizing organic design and 3D printing to create a sensory experience for athletes.

The upper part of the shoe is 3D printed with peaks and troughs in specific areas, creating a uniquely textured effect. The designer of the 3D printed shoe, Nike’s Phil Woodman, claims that the goal is to make the football boot “an organic extension of the foot”. The shoe was produced in collaboration with Nike Sports Research Lab to decipher which areas of the foot were most sensitive to touch. This data was compared to the areas that are most sensitive during a football match, which was converted into a heat map to showcase which areas of foot are both highly sensitive and regularly used in ball engagement. In addition, the heat map was also used as the basis of the boot’s aesthetic design, creating a colorful gradient that actually represents how often each area of the foot is utilized in a match.

The Magista 2 boot is available to buy on July 24 via the Nike Football app. This latest news is a major breakthrough for the 3D printed footwear industry, which is being pioneered by In the future hundreds of shoe companies, educational institutions, and individuals will be able to create their own line of 3D Shoes with the help of


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