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The Path To The Best Running Shoe

Being a runner isn’t just about your performance and skills, it’s also about having the right shoe to help you reach your potential. Having been a track runner once I definitely noticed having a great pair of shoes helped me a lot. But finding the right shoe isn’t just about it fitting the length and width of your foot. Your shoes also need to accommodate you for a unique stride, or even a long middle toe. Manufacturers are looking into technologies that allow personalized changes to be made. We’ve seen brands lie Adidas, Brooke, and Nike looking into this. And maybe other companies like or New Balance make look into, or make partnerships with this idea someday.

When something is 3D printed it can be made many ways. Selective laser sintering uses heat from a laser fusing powdered plastic into a fine detail solid plastic. This allows for great control over the final shape and density. We could practically make a copy of the athlete’s foot in the form of a perfect-fit shoe. We also have laser siping, which cuts grooves into a molded sole, helping designers alter flexibility, cushioning, and support the runner where they need it. Lastly, we have circular knitting, which is when a computer-controlled machine created custom shapes and zone in a shoe’s upper to provide the wearer with extra support or flex where needed.

With many ideas and types of application, 3D printed shoes will continue to go a long way. Having companies like Adidas, Nike, 3DShoes, New Balance, etc. looking into all the possibilities, we see a bright future for the industry. Some companies will surpass others in shoe designs or types of shoes, but everyone will have their own place to impact the world.


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