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Size 28 3D Shoes

Finding the right shoe can sometimes be a challenge, especially if your shoe size runs on the larger end. Imagine trying to find a shoe when you need it to be a size 28! A teenage with this problem thankfully had the problem solved by a startup that specializes in 3D printed footwear. Broc Brown, a 19-year-old from Michigan, has struggled to find shoes that comfortably fit. The 7-foot-8 in teen has a condition called Sotos Syndrome (cerebral gigantism), and it can make everyday life a challenge. The most formidable tasks Bros faces is finding clothes and shoes that fit properly.

Brown is unable to walk into a store and buy shoes, and a custom-fit pair can cost between $400 and $500. Thanks to Feetz, finding a comfortable pair of shoes has gotten easier for him. The startup from San Diego cause wind of Brown’s struggle and decided to help. At the beginning of this month, the CEO and founder hand-delivered a custom pair of 3D printed size 28 shoes. They even made the pair black and red because the teen loves the Chicago Bulls. 3D printed shoes have the potential to help with many footwear problems in the future. Thanks to Feetz,, Adidas, and many other companies, this industry is continuously expanding and improving.


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