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Wiivv Wearables Raises $4 Million

Wiivv Wearables has recently raised $4 million in funding and acquired eSoles, a company with modular customizable footbeds. Wiivv customers are able to order customized 3D printed insoles through foot-scanning smartphone app. Innovative businesses have been harnessing the power of additive manufacturing (3D printing) to make futuristic products. Many major sports brands have attempted to 3D print shoes and custom insoles. These insoles don’t need to be sport-related because anyone can suffer from foot pain. Most companies use some variation of an in-store 3D scanning booth to take the precise measurements of a customer’s feet.

Having in-store scanners helps achieve accuracy, but can be a nuisance for customers who don’t have access to relevant locations. Wiivv Wearables wants to do things a little differently. Like the other brands, they offer custom 3D insoles to treat foot pain and provide a more comfortable experience. But rather than using an in-store 3D scanning booth, Wiivv customers can scan using their smartphone. The free Wiivv app captures the contours of the customer’s feet, and this data is used to enhance and personalize a unique pair of shoes. This is very similar to the free app 3DShoes.com offers.

Today Wiivv has not only raised $4 million in funding, but they also acquired eSoles. They are a company that makes custom insoles for cycling, running, walking, skiing, hiking, golf, and dress shoes. With this, Wiivv will have the possession of data for over 50,000 3D foot scans, allowing for enhanced precision in the developments of the company future footwear. Following their successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2016, Wiivv has shipped over 10,000 full-length and 3/4-length involves across the world. They plan to launch their next products in Spring of this year.


Original Article: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20170208-3d-printed-insole-startup-wiivv-wearables-looking-well-heeled-4m-raised-competitor-esoles-acquired.html

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