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3D Printing Goes Ready to Wear as Danit Peleg's Bomber Jacket Becomes the First Commercially Available 3D Printed Garment

The only fashion shows I’ve ever attended have featured 3D printed collections, with talented designers turning to 3D printing to create wearable art ready to walk down the runway at RAPID. While an additive manufacturing tradeshow isn’t necessarily the go-to place for fashion in general, the shows have been standing room-only the last two years. In 2016, designer Danit Peleg was among those showcasing a collection at RAPID, and it was the first chance I’d personally had to see her designs in person. And now, we all have the opportunity to do much more than just see her 3D printed looks on the runway as she is offering a customized, 3D printed bomber style jacket as the first commercially available 3D printed garment that’s available for purchase right now.

Peleg, a talented young designer out of Israel, shot to prominence in fashion with the unveiling of her 2015 collection of clothes 3D printed at home in what she saw as a vision for the future of fashion. That collection hit the runway at RAPID 2016, showing off the ease of movement possible in the cleverly designed plastic garments; you can see the entire collection, and the designer, walk together in the first 30 seconds of part two of the video I took of last year’s fashion show (and see individual pieces shown in part one here)

In designing a custom jacket, a user is walked through several steps of creation. Unique to the person in control of the digital design, jackets can be customized by choosing:

  • 3D printed fabric color
  • Lining fabric
  • A word emblazoned across the back (up to five characters)
  • Size

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