About 3D Shoes

3DShoes.com is laser-focused on disrupting the traditional shoe industry.  Today we hear estimates that over 100 people are needed to make a pair of shoes and most countries produce less than 1% of the shoes they wear in their homeland.  Also, to make a pair of shoes today the environmental damage in making a couple billion pairs a year is staggering.



3D now entering the Shoes Industry will help to reverse this.  We are already beginning to see the cracks of localized and even 3D home production of shoes in the news, at events, and now on customer’s feet.  3D will ignite new creative designs, that will ultimately lead to disrupt the current process of shoe production as we know it.



3DShoes.com goals are also ambitious.  We are working towards a globally recognized 3D Shoes platform with research, insights, and data. To date, we see digital designs downloaded from our platform and printed in United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, South Africa, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Brazil, Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, and India.  As 3D grows, we are eager to note more countries that are enjoying our platform.



Access has also been a key issue to print digital designs, and with firms such as www.3DHubs.com providing over one billion people with access to a 3D Printable Product within 10 miles of their home. 3D Micro Factories of the future with printing capabilities will expand 3D Shoe prints globally for use as we are now into the next decade, the roaring “2020s”.  3D is also bringing back careers that were considered lost to lower-priced labor overseas which has been an issue recognized globally for decades.  The Shoe Industry now has a new journey and #3DShoes one excited company to help it unfold. 



Sincerely, #3DShoes Team

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