Founded in 2003, is laser focused on disrupting the burgeoning Shoe Industry by offering Designers, Fashionistas and Celebrities an unbelievable digital shoe marketplace. 3D Printing technology has the potential to fundamentally impact the world and how we design and create things.


When it comes to the footwear industry, we believe in the power of the designer and their ability to take an idea and turn it into something real.


Our mission is to showcase the greatest and enthusiastic 3D Shoes designs in the world for our members to download and enjoy. Most of our shoe designs are original and obtained only with the permission of the designer.  And yes real 3D Shoes are coming, over 45 firms have now entered the scene, raised considerable funds from amazing venture firms, and are selling into the traditional shoe market and the Majors are absolutely watching and just as excited to progress 3D Shoe Printing as well.


In 2013, American investor Michael Mazzotta separately acquired, 3D.Shoes,,,  Michael is in the commercial real estate industry, helped secure buildings for 3D Printing Additive Manufactures in the early 2000’s, where “3D” was just scratching the surface. has become the World’s Largest and Most Recognized 3D Printing Shoe eCommerce Platform on the Internet today, Founded and Headquartered in Sunny San Diego California.

A special thanks goes out to Ben Greene, Susanna Sharpe, Charlie White, and Mark Greenwald as well as those that helped us with,,  Felicia from Facebook helping us acquire, Godaddy executives helping with stealth domain negotiations and of course all the 3D Enthusiasts be it from Design, to 3D Print, to innovative ideas and connections.