ADVANCED PLA: Corn-based 3D printing filament

The most popular material for eco-conscious 3D printed shoes, Advanced PLA produces extremely detailed prints, comes in a variety of exciting colors, and is great for the environment.BUY NOW

TIMBERFILL: Wood-based 3D printing filament

Recycled wood chips from Spruce trees are the perfect material for your next 3D printed shoes. This eco-friendly material creates a fine natural-grain wood finish that can even be sanded! BUY NOW

ALGAE-FUEL: Algae-based 3D printing filament

Print your next pair of shoes with algae! This eco-friendly filament is extremely durable, easy to work with, available in a variety of colors, and best of all made from wild harvested GMO-free algae. BUY NOW

PUREMENT: Antibacterial 3D printing filament

Purement is the world's first antibacterial 3D printing filament! Ideal for kids and schools, Purement contains no harmful substances and produces durable, high-quality 3D printed shoes. BUY NOW