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SOLE by PodoPrinter


Address: PodoPrinter BV, Bremweg 7, 5951DK Belfeld, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)77 333 3790
Email: info@podoprinter.com

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Easy to use 3D technology

Integrated solution with 3D Belt Printer, Foaming Filament and Insole Software Dedicated to Making Custom & Medical Insoles

Sole by PodoPrinter

How does a 3D insole printer work?

Our SOLE by PodoPrinter solution is a unique combination of a 3D belt printer, dedicated foaming filament and specialized insole CAD software. You can scan with almost any device, 2D or 3D scanners, and use our integrated easy workflow without knowledge of 3D printing. Simply with the push of a button. Black is the color we started with, but in the meantime, our 3D print filament is also available in colors like red, green and blue. The top of the insole can be provided with a cover, in case your customer prefers to have insoles with his own design.



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