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Rainbow Beard 3D Shoes


Hi there!  My name is Adam J. Reiter, aka, RainbowBeard. I’m a music photographer based out of San Diego, CA.  I’ll try and keep this short on time, and light on fluffery! My looks are not the only thing that set me apart from the rest! I set a high level of standard for my work.  I welcome the challenge of great photography, and I love to work with awesome people.  I pride myself in a great personality, and a very high work ethic. Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask,   adam.j.reiter@gmail.com is my personal email






JS 3D knitted Shoes are made by the most advance technology saving more than 80% of the traditional shoe making process and wasted materials as the traditional shoe manufacturing processes usually involves a lot of wasted materials and natural resources.  JS Shoes utilizes Knitting machinery which Knits in a 3 Dimensional method to only produce exactly what is needed for each shoe and ensures a safer work environment that is free of toxins for its factory employees.

The “Buy One by One” strategy should help break the rules of tradition “Geo located” shoe manufacturing in the coming years as more environmentally conscious consumers and enthusiasts see this model as the ideal global model. Today JS Shoes has footwear only available for men but Women’s line to become available in the near future.  Shipping today for Men’s JS Shoes takes roughly 1-4 weeks.