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Covid 19 3D Printed Sandal
Covid 19 3D Printed Sandal
Covid 19 3D Printed Sandal
Load image into Gallery viewer, Covid 19 3D Printed Sandal
Load image into Gallery viewer, Covid 19 3D Printed Sandal
Load image into Gallery viewer, Covid 19 3D Printed Sandal

Covid 19 3D Printed Sandal

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Customized, 3D Printed Flip Flops that are customized to fit your feet and also help fight COVID-19 in the process.  They are also better for the environment and perform great in the wet.  Want to know more?  Then read on...

Yup!  We have a small army of  highly modified 3D Printers set up in our high tech facility in Melbourne, Australia.  "But why should I care that they are 3D Printed?" In a word, Customization.  We can made 1000's of different combinations so they fit your foot perfectly.  We customize to your foot's width, arch height and length.  We also customise to the amount support within each pair to get the optimum cushioning with our Advanced Air Cushioning System.

Advanced Air Cushioning System

So what's the Advanced Air Cushioning System?  Put simply, its hundreds of air pockets embedded within each pair to give you the feeling of walking on air.  What's more, we actually modify the size of these air pockets to give you the perfect mixture of cushioning and support based on your weight and foot size.  That's pretty revolutionary in any shoe, let alone a flip flop!

Environmentally Sustainable too?

Our flip flops are even environmentally friendly.  Here's why:

  • Our flip flops are made from fully recycleable materials.  In fact if you let us know (email us at hows.it.going@retractionfootwear.com), we'll send you a reply paid satchel for you to return your thongs to us and we'll recycle them for you!  We'll turn them into new filament for new pairs to try to limit our environmental impact.
  • We've tweaked our manufacturing process so that each 3D Printer only uses about 50W of energy - about what it takes to run a standard light bulb!  We're working towards getting this supplied from renewable sources as well!
  • 3D Printing is an Additive Manufacturing Technology which only uses material where it is needed.  No offcuts.  No waste.  
  • We print our thongs on demand, meaning we never have surplus stock that has to be sent to the tip - surprisingly common with most retail brands.

How are they in the Wet?

We’ve all been there.  In a traditional pair of flip flops, we’ve been caught out by unexpected shower of rain and now we’re on a smooth surface such as tiles or polished concrete and we’re feeling decidedly unstable.  Its positively dangerous!  It happens because the foam sole readily absorbs water and each step causes the water to be squeezed out and an aquaplaning effect results, removing the friction between us and the ground that we normally rely upon.  This is NOT an issue in our flip flops.  They are not made using foam so they behave more like a pair of regular shoes in the wet rather than traditional thongs.  Our flip flops also incorporate tread to increase your traction even further.

Meanings of the colour combination selected

The flip flops feature a red sole and strap to represent the virus and a black footbed to represent the dark impact it has had on so many people.  COVID-19 is inscribed on the strap and the sole.

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