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Hundreds of 3D Shoe firms are focused on a number of key opportunities that traditional manufacturing cannot compete with.  The future of 3D Shoes is arriving with new  products using designs that are impossible to be made by hand and with styles that were once considered outside the grasp of the shoe world.



It takes a traditional shoe manufacturer roughly 6 months and $300,000 to get started; design work, shoe molds, outsourcing production to overseas labor, shipping, warehousing, retailing, etc.  This is not practical and virtually impossible for most anyone today, which is why we see almost only the majors and high net worth income earners, mainly celebrities, coming out with new lines of traditional shoes.  With 3D Print Shoes, virtually anybody, with the desire to get into the shoe industry, can instantly focus on designing and launching their own brand with an investment of around $5000-$10,000.  The massive reduction in cost is the final step in mass customization, with the ability to print just one pair at a time.  3D Shoes enables multiple start-up styles. The gamble is dramatically reduced of wasted and bloated start up costs on shoes that might never sell and go straight to the landfill.



“Education – Perhaps the single most important policy response to 3D printing is sponsoring education and training in 3D printing, design, manufacturing, and software development. Traditionally, parts were designed for the limitations of manufacturing. 3D printing eliminates such limitations, which means that designers need to learn new ways to design. Technicians need to be trained to use 3D printers. 3D printing also offers great opportunities for software developers. Education and training should be available for all. As America Makes’ Director Ed Morris says, “pre-K to gray. Policymakers should also find ways to sponsor design and technical challenges in the 3D printing space. These may lead to new products or new designs for old products. Similarly, sponsoring startup competitions may lead to new businesses or business models.”   John Hornick, Author: “3D Printing Will Rock the World.”



3D can bring jobs back to US soil.  3D cuts out over 100 of 125 hands in the shoe process, almost all in labor factories overseas.  3D Shoe firms can with just 10 people produce 20,000 pairs of shoes a year in their local market, providing brand new business and employment opportunities.  Thousands of new jobs, new LLC’s, new business men and women will emerge, meaning new incomes, taxes, commerce and ‘Locally Made’ labels.


John Hornick with CXOUSA concludes the following – “According to, skilled 3D printing-related jobs soared 1384% from 2010 to 2014 and were up 103% percent from 2013 to 2014. The jobs most in demand were industrial and mechanical engineers and software developers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US will have about 9.2 million jobs for skilled workers in 2020. But according to the National Science Foundation, there will not be enough qualified people to fill them.


Policymakers’ guiding principle should be that 3D printing is about jobs. Adopting this technology means more jobs. Thus, all initiatives, legislation, and regulation should be subjected to the Adoption Test. Although 3D printing may challenge policymakers to cope with disruption of the status quo, this technology also presents incredible opportunities for nation-building through thriving economies.” This article was originally published as “3D Printing and Public Policy;” CXOUSA; December 22, 2016; .



Current shoe production has problems with  uncertain demand with long production cycles that could miss the seasonal markets, which lead to guessing and ordering large quantities that might not sell.  The shoes not selling could be considered obsolete and discounted to clear the way for next season, which is wasted money and added landfill.


3D printing has the potential to cut lead times from weeks to hours.   Thus, outdated shoe factories will closed, or reinvented, or be replaced by new tech factories that can produce with fewer emissions and smaller footprints.  3D has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of labor required in the production of shoes as well as reduce machine setup time for custom molds. Factories now focused on 3D  are connected directly with 3DSHOES.COM who will have shoe sizes on file to quickly print instead of having to remeasure.  Being able to start a 3D Shoes Business Opportunity will continue to become more and more affordable as the 3D Digital Content for the 3D Printers continue to be designed and given away.



Fashionistas, futurists, designers, and celebrities are seeing 3D for what it is, and the fashion world showcases more and more 3D shoes on the catwalks, which will ultimately result in new fashion brands never seen before.



Due to the unique design of 3D Shoes, with thick wall and sole support, athletes can add years to their running lives. These shoes will help increase recovery times and reduce long distance running fatigue.  With strength training and specific sports such as sprinting, dashes and eye popping need for agility and explosive speed, 3D can reduce cleat give with stronger ankle support walls giving the athlete the highest chance to perform. ????  Alyson Felix, the USA 100 Meter Gold Medalist, was quoted noting speed with 3D can shave roughly a tenth of a second, giving the ability for a traditional fourth place finisher the chance to win gold. ????  We could not think of a bigger reason for hundreds of industries to adopt the finest tech for their athletes.



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