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iMcustom Brings In-Store Custom Insoles

Recently, Wiivv Wearables broke the record for the most funded 3D Printed Good in the history of Kickstarter. After that we witnessed Under Armour join the world of 3D printed footwear. Now a new company named iMcustom has joined 3D scanning and custom insole design. More and more companies are joining 3DShoes.com and the other 3D printed companies who have noticed the direction the industry is going. They will have 3D scanning and 3D printing systems located in select Sam’s Club locations. Customers will be able to get a pair of custom or semi-custom 3D printed orthotics.


By having the customer step onto iMcustom’s polymer gel 3D foot scanner, it creates the shape of the shoe insole. The foot scanner uses GelSight technology, and can figure out a person’s foot surface to great accuracy. The scan is then converted into a vile and shown with a 3D view, where iMcustom can analyze the details better to find the best insole type. Many companies such a 3DShoes are using this foot scanning technique. This way we can manufacture the most accurate models to develop comfortable shoes.


Each 3D printed insole is made using a high quality elastomeric polymer that has flexibility and support. The way iMcustom sees it, 3D scanning and 3D printing triumph over traditional manufacturing with reduced cost, an environmentally friendly process, nearly zero material waste and a reduction in the waiting time. After a successful pilot in Sam’s Club locations they will be launching their services nationwide. The price is not officially decided, but the retail price for a custom 3D insole may be around $249. This is cheaper than traditional manufacturing would cost, and with a shorter wait time.


Original Article: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20160315-imcustom-introduces-first-ever-in-store-3d-printing-of-custom-foot-insoles.html


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