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3D Jewelry And Shoes

A fashion design graduate, Ganit Goldstein, is one of the many fashion designers who use 3D printing. She recently showed her new experimental collection at Milan Design Week which was called Shifted Craft. The project had the support of Stratasys and included seven pieces of 3D printed jewelry and two pairs of 3D printed shoes. Goldstein was chosen to publicly display her collection as part of the event’s Israeli Pavilion. Her inspiration for the project came from her time in Japan learning the traditional “ikat” technique for dying fabrics. Her vision was to use both the traditional ikat and 3D printing. Goldstein believes in taking an interdisciplinary approach to design. Using Stratasys’ multi-material Polytech technology to create concepts.


We’ve seen 3D printed fashion pieces that included leather but never actually 3D printing leather until now. In order to manipulate the physical properties of the fabric, she used digitally-made materials for the two pairs of 3D printed shoes. With the full-color capabilities of the J850, she was able to rapidly 3D printed without relying on the usual mold or tools of traditional methods. Her materials also help her have total control over the customization, design, and geometry. With 3D scanning and programming, Goldstein designed the shapes for the seven pieces of jewelry in a parametric software program, which was then 3D printed on the Stratasys J750. It’s always great to see these collaborations with 3D printing.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/243175/ganit-goldstein-stratasys-fashion-collection-of-3d-printed-jewelry-and-shoes/


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