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3D Printing And Manufacturing

3D printing is starting to have quite the effect on everyday human lives. The printers are creating shapes as well as shaping the future of our industry. 3D printing has been applied to aviation, education, footwear, and even healthcare! In the US alone, the value of the technology was 13.2 billion back in 2016 and is projected to be worth more than 30 billion once we get to 2023. Much of that is invested in manufacturing, given how much it is already changing production by making it easier and more creative. You do not need to know for 3D printing works in order to see the potential it holds. For a while, some designers had trouble getting their ideas from paper to real life. Some of the most original ideas even had to be abandoned because it was impossible to construct some of them. Thankfully today, designers can explore their creativity with the help of 3D printers.


The technology gives more possibility for custom-made products that are for specific consumers. They can decide to order something that is made according to their own idea. Another great characteristic about 3D printing is that it is easy to create several different prototypes. This also helps easily and swiftly with replacing parts if needed. 3D printing can help save both time and money, which is great for things such as 3D printed shoes. When it comes to mass production of merchandise one of the famous examples is actually the Adidas 4D FutureCraft shoes. As mentioned in a previous article, the soles are entirely made by a 3D printer. A big advantage lies in the fact that no additional material is needed. 3D printing has made its way into manufacturing, and it will definitely remain there. 


Original Article: https://channels.theinnovationenterprise.com/articles/why-3d-printing-the-future-of-manufacturing


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