Those who weren’t sure about 3D printing are starting to believe in it more as time goes by. New applications of the manufacturing 3D technology are being used, such as athletic shoes or metal parts. We are also seeing production times, quality, and quantity improving on traditional methods of manufacturing. That’s why 3D printed shoes are such a great idea; because 3D printing improves on the industry. The printing caters to larger manufacturers as well as users who have smaller needs. Customization gains an affordable path to new revenue streams. Reasons like these are what keeps on the path and keeps us to remain on the path of 3D printed footwear.


Unlike traditional forms of manufacturing, 3D printing (additive manufacturing) adds a small layer of material according to directions from a computer program. The program contains the representation of what is being made and the layers add together to create the item. 3D printing doesn’t just help with customizing orders, but it helps with products that require lighter weights or complex shapes. A lot has been invested in 3D printing such as a company who spent over 2 billion on a jet engine part using the method of manufacturing. Although there are other methods out there, I believe 3D printing and 3D shoes will continue to expand more and more until we see it everywhere.


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