In the retail industry, 3D printing continues to offer possibilities for future products. The CEO and co-founder of Wiivv, a company that offers custom-fit products and works with other brands, believes that 3D printing is a critical harbinger of change. Shamil Hargovan says 3D printed shoes are the best answer for custom-fit footwear. Some products by Wiivv can be seen featured on The manufacturing technology is reliable and allows for completely custom parts. People increasingly want everything immediately and on demand. 3D printing offers a fix for this because it gives us the ability to create and deliver products in each continent without a need for many factories. It gives a possibility of custom products being delivered in a week rather than a month.


There is also a benefit of reduced shipping costs and a better environmental impact. Hargovan also pointed out that 3D printing resulted in happier consumers. With a custom-fit product, the footwear not only fits but improves the way you feel and function while wearing them. The chairman of OESH Shoes, Casey Kerrigan predicts that 3D printing will continue to make waves. The company OESH Shoes prints the entire sole for its sandals. The comfort achieved with a 3D printed sole is significantly better than a sole made using traditional manufacturing methods. Lastly, footwear made using 3D printing allows not only for customization but footwear based on an individual’s biomechanics.


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