3D printing has moved into shoe making and now it can be seen with high heels. Prototypes are being created in a matter of hours and can include any kind of design iterations before their full production. 3D printing allows for use of several materials, which includes flexible ones. With this shoes can not only be comfortable, but also allow a variety of design ideas. All you need is someone with computer skills, and a drawing of a prototype.


Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani explains that with 3D printing a shoe, you can modify the design and print the revised design in the same day. It will maintain high quality while at the same time minimize costs and reduce turnaround time. Many wearable prototypes of high-heeled 3D shoes can be made, including those seen on 3dshoes.com. With both rigid and soft materials prototypes can even be worn someday by models in fashion shows.



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