The new products should be useful in a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, dental, durable goods, and entertainment.


Source: 3D Systems unveils new 3D printer, materials, and software | ZDNet


ZDNet has reported that 3D Systems is introducing a new printer this June that will be capable of slicing and building at a rate 60 times faster than other printers.


The ProJet MJP5600 will initially only be available to customers with the previous model. The bundled system of software is where the printer really shines.


3D Systems' new 3D hybrid design software, called Geomagic Freeform 2017, is aimed at helping customers solve complex design and manufacturing challenges in a single platform.


This feature with Geomagic Freeform and the additional multiple build that is inherent with this new printer should particularly interest sports brands as this new multiple build allows for the creation of elements that are "rubber like" components.


If additive manufacturing can produce a consistency similar to rubber which also adheres and performs like rubber the current creation of 3D midsoles which are then dropped onto rubber outsoles would no longer be the part of shoe production that is hindering the growth of 3D printed performance footwear.  It's an interesting thing to consider.


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