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A Partnership For Insoles

Most of you may be familiar with Dr. Scholl’s brand insoles. I personally use them almost every day because I am always on my feed for work. It is a very suggested brand if you spend a lot of time in uncomfortable shoes. However, 3D printed shoes are starting off with the insoles, and working towards the whole shoe. Thanks to companies like Wiivv, people can order custom 3D printed insoles. Each insole can be customized to everyone’s foot shape and size. Thanks to a new partnership, Dr. Scholl’s can provide 3D printed insoles, powered by Wiivv Fit technology. Using a smartphone app, you can personalize your own insoles, which are mapped from 400 points on your feet. Wiivv is becoming a more known name itself, regardless of the fact they have only been around a few years.


Since I began writing for 3DShoes.com I have written many articles about Wiivv. Years ago, Wiivv launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for its insoles. The following year, they held another campaign for 3D printed custom sandals. They have been successful in the 3D printed footwear industry, so I look forward to seeing them work with Dr. Scholl’s. Consumers can download the Dr. Scholl’s app to begin customizing their own insoles. The 3D inserts are available in full length or three-quarter length sizes, which are priced at $99. The insoles come with free shipping and arrive within 14 days or ordering. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee if you ever find yourself needing to change your mind.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/233413/dr-scholls-partners-with-wiivv/


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