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Alexander McQueen Fashion Shoes

October 2009, Alexander McQueen presented a historic runway moment at Plato’s Atlantis SS 2010. Alexander McQueen fashion presentations were the first to use paint shooting robots for a dress in a Spring 1999 show. Then they introduced a game of human chess in Spring 2005. After that came the Kate Moss holograms in Fall 2006. The shows are out of this world, but unfortunately, months after the 2010 show the designer tragically passed away. The SS 10 McQueen show had robot-mounted cameras and prosthetics to make models look like aliens. The collection got its inspiration from reptiles and sea life and was shown live-steam on the internet.


The Alien shoe was 3D printed from a special resin to give it its distinctive look. It was inspired by the artwork for Ridley Scott’s Alien 1980 movie. The Titanic shoe depicted an ocean liner’s metallic hull. It also gained design references from John McTiernan ‘Predator’ movie which featured technologically advanced extraterrestrial life. The most notable of Alexander McQueen's fashion shoes was the 30 cm high ‘Armadillo’ boot. Hand-carved from wood and 3D printed, the Armadillo shoes resemble a ballerina standing en pointe. Looking back at Alexander McQueen Fashion and his creations, it makes you wonder where he would be now. We would probably see many more 3D printed collections.


Original Article: https://wtvox.com/fashion-innovation/alexander-mcqueen-fashion/


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