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BOTTER x Reebok brings 3D printed shoes to Paris Fashion Week

The revolutionary shoes were created using HP MultJet Fusion technology for the new collection


BOTTER is a fashion design studio that represents the fusion of music, literary, culinary and origins, that form the rich and hybrid Caribbean culture. The studio formed by Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter combines its ‘Caribbean Couture’ spirit, its glance towards Arte Povera’s philosophy, and a strong sustainability consciousness. Its latest creation, presented at Paris Fashion Week, is a collaboration with Reebok and HP 3D Printing to create a revolutionary footwear collection titled Venus Comb Murex Shell Sneaker.


BOTTER x Reebok brings 3D printed footwear, created using HJP MultJet Fusion technology for the new collection, to Paris Fashion Week


As a brand whose DNA directly rises from one of the world’s most biologically diverse marine regions, BOTTER is always close to themes related to the ocean (and its protection). The new Sneaker is inspired by the Venus Comb Murex, a beautiful-looking predatory sea snail whose shell has a very long siphonal canal, and numerous spines.

The creative duo also combines their multicultural influences and their mastery of Belgium and Dutch tailoring to infuse their menswear label with a distinct notion of luxury. Edgy yet inclusive, their creative sight is an extension of their own personalities: bold, colorful, and refreshingly positive. BOTTER is a look into a personal diary; a look and opinion on the world expressed under Lisi and Rushemy’s straightforward vision.

The story of the BOTTER x Reebok collaboration (with HP) for the Venus Comb Murex Shell Sneaker was “exclusively” reported by sneaker and fashion news portals Sneaker News and HighSnobiety, as well as on BOTTER’s Instagram. High Snobiety writes that “the sneaker — which arrives in a myriad of wavy colorways — feels like a fresh look into the future of sneakers, and is undoubtedly one of BOTTER’s most impressive concoctions to date.”

Sneaker News quotes an official press release it received from BOTTER, where BOTTER’s founders say that “The Reebok x Botter Sneaker is an opening of a wonderful [sic] project. The new partnership with HP 3D Printing aims to create product that sits at the intersection of innovation, sustainability and luxury and this is just the first step.”



In many ways, the show marks a new first step for the use of 3D printing in fashion, something that has been accelerating in recent years. Footwear in particular is a highly receptive segment, with clear examples of mass production already underway at Adidas with the FUTURCRAFT 4D line of products. In the past, both market leaders Stratasys and 3D Systems have experimented with exclusive 3D printed footwear, including designs from Iris Van Herpen and Zaha Hadid, while both Formlabs and EOS have worked with the likes of New Balance and Under Armour on (more or less successful) commercial projects.

Now HP is seriously looking at the footwear segment as the company’s polymer MultiJet Fusion technology could enable higher productivity at lower costs, that are potentially compatible with high-end and even mid-level sneakers and other types of footwear (much like Carbon’s DLS technology implemented by Adidas’ suppliers). This latest collaboration could in fact be the first step in that direction.

By Davide Sher
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