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C-Trooper Sock Shoe

A sock shoe made to sole the skys and help you walk on clouds. Your next favorite sock

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to walk on clouds?.  Are you tired of wearing shoes that hurt your feet after wearing them for a certain amount of time?. I know I can't stand a shoe that doesn't bring comfortability or style. Most shoes that are known for comfortability are rarely stylish or hard to acquire. I have experienced hardship wearing different brands, even known brands such as Nike and Adidas. I remember  in my early years as  a young hustler and entrepreneur, I worked at several jobs that required me to be on my feet. Walking, running around or even standing for more than 8 hours.  I know a lot of people can relate and look for an alternative. My brand Broken Label looks to solve those problems and bring comfortability to the world at an affordable price 

 What makes our sock shoe so special ? 

Our shoe uses boost foam technology, which adjusts to the users feet. Every step you take will feel like walking on clouds. The exterior on top of each shoe is fabricated from a higher quality mesh. Making it possible for the shoe to breath and adjust to the users movements . The toe box has a layer of suede to add extra protection. We added a pull tab in the back. which uses the same mesh materials as the toe box.  All the materials used are what make up the shoe. We added a support beam on the back of the shoe heel. which blends in with the mesh and is rarely noticed. The top-line of the shoe has a elastic that adjusts and expands as needed to the users feet 

Pull tab & back support

The bottom of the Boost foam technology is supported by a rubber like outsole, making it impossible for anything sharp or pointy to pierce through the comfortable sole. This shoe was well thought with the concept of giving the shoe all the features needed to compete with well known brands at their leisure 

Boost Foam Technology and our protective outsole layer

The logos are well placed with features of their own. The logos feature different materials and textures.. The toe box features our slogan T2H (Trained 2 Hustle) Which is embossed, giving the suede a texture feel. The pull tab has the brand name hovering on top of the suede. The material used in the lettering is a rubber like material that glows in the dark after a charge of light or sun. Same material found on the top-line Elastic band . This gives the shoe the ability to glow in the dark. The side logo is a heart crest with a knife stabbed in side the heart with the logo T2H. The entire logo was embroidered. This finalizes the details on the shoe and completes our sock shoe.

 project video thumbnail

 We didn't stop with the shoe, we brought the design and concept to the shoe box. Our goal and idea of making the shoe came from not just being a good sock shoe, but the best sock to ever step in your closet.

Shoe Box Packaging

Feels like a Trooper, Hugs like a Sock. When making the shoe box. We wanted the user to feel like they were bringing home the best toy to their collection. We added a clear screen to get a preview of their toy. We made the box slide from the side so the shoe can also be treated like a collectable and hang on the shelves. The best feature was saved for last. We made it possible for the words on the shoe box to glow in the dark. 

 project video thumbnail

This feature works by making the shoe box attract light from different sources such as a bright room or the sunlight. Then bringing the box in a dark room. The longer the shoe is left to observe the light the brighter the shoe can glow . 

Black White & Red Color-way
Black White & Red Color-way
Black White & Red Color-way
Black White & Red Color-way
Grey Black & White Color-way
Grey Black & White Color-way
Grey Black & White Color-way
Grey Black & White Color-way

The shoe was manufactured in China by a well known manufacture who values quality over quantity . They made sure all shoes were inspected and passed quality control

we currently have 220 socks available  . 110 in each color-way. sizes 6-11 Men. Our backers would be helping us through the distribution faze. 

Size 7 on feet
Size 7 on feet
Size 11 on feet

Business or Promotion Inquiries: Please send a private Kickstarter Message or email Brokenlabelct@Gmail.com

Backer Contact: Please use the private Kickstarter Messages to contact us for any and all reasons. We will not have access to your backer number or order details via traditional email or comments.


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/broken-label/broken-label

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