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Casca Opens Vancouver Store

Casca opened its first retail space yesterday, November 30th, and it is a shoe store fueled by 3D orienting. The company started out in a Vancouver basement with cofounders Braden Parker and Kevin Reid. By using 3D printing to increase efficiency and reduce waste, the company is setting a new standard for an everyday shoe. Casca’s philosophy is focused on the idea of “fewer things that do more” with one pair of their shoes meant to replace several pairs of typical shoes. The debut model, Avro, features a custom FootB3D printed insole that delivers a precise fit and comfort with Casca’s patented Lift OS system. Customers are able to choose between waterproof leather and knit styles, download the Casca app to scan each foot, and after all that a 3D model is generated to design printed insoles.


Reid started his obsession with footwear began as a child and then he went on to study industrial design and work in the fashion industry for 10 years. Parker grew up in an entrepreneurial family and was wanting to start a business on the side. Graduating from UBC, he worked in a real estate investment company because he liked building something from nothing. Tobias Lutke, the founder of Shopify, and his team helped build the e-commerce platform Casca runs on. Casca hopes to fully decentralize the supply chain by creating 100% custom-fit shoes in-store by 2029. Vancouverites can now visit the store to discover how Casca is altering the construction of traditional sneakers.


Original Article: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/casca-3d-printing-shoe-store-vancouver


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