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CEP One - Shoelace fasten device

The Evolution of the lacing system Able to just size at anytime! Can custom make with your own name.
We are creating a NEW Generation system to fasten lock and unlock the shoelaces. Compared other products in the market, The unit is more user friendly ! We can even Laser any words (name) on surface for Custom Make. This is a New Generation shoelace system and Fashion accessory for shoes. All your help can make us achieve our goal of having a positive impact in CEP ONE. Hope we can change the future together and MAKE LIFE EASIER.

CEP One - The Evolution of the lacing system. 

- Imagine no need to tight laces anymore

- Imagine it can adjust the size ANYTIME with a simple lock and unlock.

- Imagine it can locate in front of the shoe or behind the tongue of the shoe.


- How easy we change from behind the tongue of the shoe to in front of the shoe?

- We have more than 10 COLORS for you to choose in the beginning!


What makes us different?

We have laser version which customer  is able to laser your NAME on the surface which makes the product unique and fashionable.


Order online coming soon: www.ceproducts.co


CEP One have TWO versions for selection.

Standard version – Unit surface have our company logo.
Laser version  – Unit surface can laser your own name / team name / company name and such as….

(Both versions you can select different colors.)

CEP One Shoelace Fasten Device includes:

1 Pair of CEP Units (Standard Version / Laser Version)

1 Paid of shoelaces

8 x 2.5mm dia. Heat Shrink Tube for adjustable shoelace length with the new head on

8 x 3.5mm dia. Heat Shrink Tube for adjustable shoelace length with the new head on


Suitable shoelace

CEP One suitable with most shoelaces in the market. But there are so many shoelaces it's impossible to test on all of them. Theoretically if your shoe shoelace is flat shoelace then it should work.



After several prototypes test, we have sent the 3D drawing to the tool makers to complete the production molds.




Cutting Edge Products – CEP One has been applied Patents in USA / Internationally.



Disclaimer: There were no endorsements by any Brands for this project. All shoes used in the pictures and videos were paid for and are my personal property.

Although our product is used in all of the shoes in these pictures and/or videos, the shoes work perfect in their natural state without CEP One Shoelace Fasten Device. Our product simply gives the user an optional way to keep their shoes secure.

Disclaimer: Just like any other shoelaces system, it is the responsibility of the end user to make sure your CEP One Shoelace Fasten Device has installed correctly.  It is also the end users responsibility to make sure unit close correctly to secure the shoelaces.



Q: How do you come up with the name:

CEP One – CEP means our company short name (Cutting Edge Products) and One means (Model One)

Q: What are the differences of the standard version and laser version?

A: Standard version is unit has printed our company logo on the surface.

     Laser version is unit able to Laser YOUR OWN WORDS on the surface.

Q: How many words will be the best of laser version?

A: We suggest to laser 4-8 words are the best!

Q: Can I laser different words for the pairs units.

A: Pairs units laser must be the same. 

Q: How many words and how many lines you can have on the laser version?

A: It can accept max. Two line on the unit. Each line can laser approx 13 words. So totally you can have 26 words on the surface.

Q: Can I order custom words/graphic on standard version?

A: Yes this is possible but the order quantity needs to reach our MOQ, please contact us to discuss in detail.

Q: Can I laser different color on the unit?

A: Laser is kind of chemical reaction; it is not able to have different color.

Q: How to install?

A: Please watch our installation guide videos and photo for more details.

Q: Do CEP One hold securely?

A: Yes, unit can hold more than 18KG power.

Q: Do CEP One suitable for All different kind of shoelace?

A: CEP One can be suitable for most of the flat shoelace in the market. Round shoelace will not suitable for CEP ONE.

We do suggest you buy the shoelace from our side to ensure it work on your shoes.

Q: Does the CEP One work with “All” Shoes?

A: There are so many shoes it's impossible to test on all of them. Theoretically if your shoe shoelace is flat shoelace then it should work.

Q: Which types of sports can use CEP One?

A: Unit design suitable for running, Gym glass, Riding a bike, playing at the playground.

Also suitable playing sports like: Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis. Basket Ball. Generally we do not recommended for hard –sole athletic cleats used for soccer, football, Track or any sport will impact on the shoes.

Q: How Big of CEP One

A: Unit size approx 55mm*20mm*6mm

Q: Are CEP One closures a shoe?

A: CEP One is not a shoe. It is a plastic unit that you attach on your own shoelaces.

Q: Can I use CEP one on multiple pairs of shoes?

A: Yes of course, you can un-install the unit of the old shoes then put it on the new pairs.

Q: What is heat shrink tube on the package?

A: Heat shrink tube is for adjust your shoelace length which makes the wearer more comfortable. After that you can have new the plastic head at the end just like the original one.

Q: How to use heat shrink tube?

A: Details please watch the shoelace adjustable video.

Q: Does CEP One have Patents?

A: Yes, CEP one has been applied Patents in USA / Internationally.

Q: Can you ship international?

A: Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world.

Q: Can I become a distributor?

A: Yes, please send us private message and we will get back to you.

Q: Do they work for kids shoes?

A: Yes, absolutely. My kid love the unit and not having worried to tight the shoelace again.


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cep-one-shoelace-fasten-device#/

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