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CLOUDS - Comfort Shoes That Keep You Moving

Rise and shine. 

There’s a lot to do during the day – our shoes are here to make sure you get them done.

If you’re on the hunt for a shoe that…

  • keeps you light on your feet
  • complements your stylish fit
  • weathers any storm and stands the test of time

Boy, do we have the shoe for you.

Presenting the ultimate comfort-focused shoes made to feel like you’re ready to take on the day.

My sister and I used to work at a shore store for 4 years, standing 10 consecutive hours each day. I couldn’t name a single shoe that would keep my feet light during those long hours… neither could any of my coworkers.

That is why we sought out to design the ultimate comfort shoe. From August 2019, I challenged myself to walk 30,000 steps a day for 17 months, totaling 7,194,775 steps. With this, we iterated through 49 different prototypes to arrive at the final CLOUDS design you see here today.

Since 2018, we worked with Aetrex, the world’s first shoe brand to integrate a 3D foot scanner to create better-fitting shoes. Together, we analyzed 10,000 different pairs of feet. 

We then brought this data over to Adidas’s first Korea branch manager Jin-woo Seol in 2019 who helped us turn numbers into valuable insight for shoe design. That's how we came about to perfect the design for CLOUDS.

CLOUDS are meant to support wherever your feet take you. Be it your commute to work, the workplace that requires you to stay on your feet, to run your everyday errands, or explore the world around you. 

It’s right there with you.

CLOUDS use two types of insoles – a cotton SolarFoam to absorb shock, and a Silicon Foam that give our shoes that cushiony bounce.

The insoles of our shoes compress as we walk. Overtime, this cushion flattens and loses its ability to bounce back. But the pressure we press onto our feet remains, which means it falls on our knee joints to sustain that excess pressure.

What we found during our tests is that insole cushions that don’t bounce back within a second do not meet good shock-absorption standards. That is why CLOUDS contains insoles that restores back to 98.4% of its original cushion state within that single second.

CLOUDS offer 3-4 times the space for toes than the regular shoe. The technical measurement is 4E, which is the widest sizing available on the market.

The standard running shoe that prioritize lightness and bounce are actually made of thin and flimsy material that don’t stand the test of time. 

That is why we chose to use natural rubber, a sturdy material known to resist slip and abrasion. Most brands prefer not to use natural rubber over artificial options because the cost of production rises immensely.

Water-resistance and breathability are two opposing features, making it difficult to achieve both in one shoe. But we didn't want to let go of either very important elements in CLOUDS.

Our brilliant solution behind this was to create the overall upper with mesh fabric for breathability but then coat the lower part of it with a waterproof mudguard. That way, your feet can breathe WHILE staying dry.

This manual coating process also raises our production costs by 2-3x. But we consider it a valuable and unique feature of our shoe that’s worth the extra investment. We think you’ll love it, too.



SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/592378073/clouds-shoes

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