As the last decade has gone by, the way consumers shop has changed dramatically. We used to go to the store to buy something but now we have access to almost every major retailer online. Aside from these changes retailers have also had to come up with ways to continue their appeal to consumers. Luckily, 3D printing could help play a role in keeping consumer attention. According to a survey about shopping and technology, 95% of shoppers said they were eager to buy products that were 3D printed. Some of them even said they would be willing to spend more money just because a product was created using 3D printing.


Consumers these days are more interested in buying personalized product and goods, that can also be produced locally. This is a change from the current way of buying mass manufactured goods. Some retailers have caught onto this, such as Nike, Adidas, and, and look towards shoes being 3D printed in store or even at home. A Boston-based company even debuted a 3D knitting technology to be used towards making custom blazers. A survey also found that shoppers are more willing to shop from a store that sends viral notifications. Consumers want the integration of technology into their shopping experience, and 3D printing will be able to help that become a reality.


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