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FacTrans 3D Scanner

FacTrans is easily create 3D data of black and transparent objects in Full color

FacTans is a 3D scanner that allows users to easily scan objects that are black, transparent, or have reflective areas that were previously difficult to scan, in full color and 360 degrees.

No sublimation sprays or powders are used, allowing for the most color accurate scans.

FacTrans makes the virtual world more accessible with the easy creation of true to life 3D data.

Example: If you want to scan a miniature car like the one in the picture, the transparent windows and black areas would not be recognized with a traditional scanner.

This is due to the properties of light: it is absorbed by black, transmitted by transparent objects, and reflected by mirror-like objects. The same is true for infrared light, which is used in many scanners.

This image was taken with a scanner using infrared light. The transparent windows and black areas were unable to be reconstructed.

If you want to scan an object that contains black or transparency with a conventional scanner, a white powdered “scanning spray” must be applied.

The object turns white and you can't scan cool/rad objects in full color.

FacTrans allows you to scan objects in their original color.

3D data scanned with FacTrans.

Full-color textures, transparent windows, and black components scanned flawlessly.

 Comparison with professional scanner. *Tire have been rotated, resulting in misalignment.

 project video thumbnail

The above data compares FacTrans with professional scanners. Professional scanners were not able to scan colors because they had to use “scan spray” with white powder. 

This is an image of a reference block (30x30x10mm) scanned with FacTrans and compared to 3D CAD DATA.

-Planning for High Quality Mode-

 We will be posting updates, so please follow Us!

Many inexpensive photogrammetry scanners do not have autofocus. In such cases, focusing is difficult.

FacTrans uses a 16MPixel camera with autofocus.

If you want to scan the back side of an object, you can turn the object over and recombine it with the original using a simple operation.

 FacTrans allows anyone to easily create 3D data of the same quality because the object is placed in a mini-darkroom and is scanned as it rotates.

  • You can create 3D data with realistic textures.
  • Short time(10minutes) creation model.
  • There is almost no need to erase unnecessary captured data points.
  • There is no need to worry about the effects of ambient light.

 OS:Windows10 Home 64bit CPU:Corei5-9400T GPU:GTX1650 Mem:16GB 

The object is placed in the scanner and the door is closed. Click the Scan button on the FacTrans App on your computer. The scanner will start automatically. If scanning from a single angle, the scan process will be complete in 30 seconds. Click the preview button on the FacTrans app to see a low polygon version of the data scanned (5 minutes). If the scan is acceptable, click the 3D Create button and the data will be processed automatically (10 minutes).

 If the surface of the object did not scan well, spray the ink that glows under a black light onto the object which will create the most accurate scan of your object.

The ink is water-based and is invisible in natural light.

The glowing effect of the black light will fade with time. Of course, it can easily be removed just by wiping it off.

The amount of ink needed to scan a single object is about 1-2cc(s). The 50ccs of ink that comes with the unit is diluted to 10 times before use (a total of 500ccs, so you can scan more than 250-500 times).

FacTrans uses a technology called photogrammetry

The photogrammetry software runs in the background and requires little to no direct interaction.

There is a subscription fee for the photogrammetry software, but it is not expensive. *There is no cost for how many times you scan unless you export.


Reality Capture is supported.

PPI credits calculator https://www.capturingreality.com/RC-ppi-credits-calculator

Meta Shape support has not yet been determined.

 We have applied for a patent for our unique technology, but we plan to share various information with the rest of the world through Git Hub and other means.

 Sample FacTrans scans can be found on Sketchfab.


FacTrans 3D DATA can be utilized for AR and 3D Print.

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SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/factrans/factrans-3d-scanner-black-and-transparent-possible

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