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Flip-Flops In The Boston Marathon

More than 500,000 spectators gather to the streets of Boston on the 3rd Monday of April to watch a classic long distance running event. This is when the Boston Marathon takes place, and more than 35,000 runners go 26.2 miles across Beantown. This year, however, a runner will be wearing a pair of running shoes that will make him stand out from the other participants. A footwear engineer, Chris Bellamy, will participate in the marathon wearing a pair of flip-flops he claims are as comfortable as athletic shoes. Wiivv, who is preparing to release a line of custom-built sandals this spring, created the flip-flops. The sandals will be completely different than anything else available on the market today.


The company’s plan is to customize its sandals specifically for each consumer. In order to achieve this, Wiivv will 3D print its footwear to the needs of the buyer. After the customer picks a style of sandal they want, they take precise measurements of their feet using an app available for iOS or Android. The measurements are then transmitted to Wiivv, and then the shoes are printed and shipped to the customer in about ten days. It may sound farfetched, but the company is already doing that with a line of custom insoles. They promise to have the best fitting flip-flops consumers have ever seen. Although Wiivv’s flip-flops aren’t meant for running, Bellamy believes using them in the Boston Marathon will be a good example of how truly good they are.


Original Article: https://www.digitaltrends.com/health-fitness/boston-marathon-3d-flip-flops/


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