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Hellen Obiri's 3D-printed shoes helped her win the Boston Marathon.

The Cloudboom Strike LS is an innovative running shoe that is currently in the prototype stage and has the potential to be released for commercial use in the near future.

In an impressive display of athleticism, Hellen Obiri from the Athletic Club successfully defended her marathon title in Boston. She completed the race with a remarkable time of 2:22:37, making her the first woman in over a decade to achieve back-to-back victories in the prestigious Boston Marathon. Obiri sported On's Cloudboom Strike LS, an innovative running shoe with a cutting-edge 3D-printed upper.


The Running Club, a specialized portal, recently shared that Hellen Obiri had the opportunity to wear the prototype of the upcoming On Cloudboom Strike. Introduced in March at World Athletics, the On Cloudboom Strike LS Dev1 and the On Cloudboom Strike LS Dev1.2 are set to be released to the public next year.


Cloudboom is a category of On that includes high-performance racing shoes featuring a premium compound and carbon fiber plate. However, the new Cloudboom Strike shoes have a strikingly different design and are made with innovative materials.

Hellen Obiri’s Cloudboom Strike LS Dev1.2


The 3D-printed upper showcases a unique feature: the absence of laces, a groundbreaking innovation in racing shoe design. The material used in this model is a flexible plastic, which sets it apart from the microfiber found in other high-end On models. The sock fits snugly around the foot, creating a nearly transparent appearance and slightly widening around the ankle.


The Running Club highlights the absence of the familiar CloudTech feature that is typically found in On models. In this case, it is only subtly present in the midsole area under the heel, similar to the Cloudboom Echo 3 but to a lesser degree. The model worn by Obiri in Boston should be the Cloudboom Strike LS Dev1.2, which has a different design compared to the LS Dev1 due to the lower height of the CloudTech technology. It appears determined to bring it to market.

It's worth noting that On incorporates a carbon plate, known as a speedboard, in its shoes to enhance the runner's speed. Each on-speedboard is meticulously designed to provide a unique experience. The speedboard is designed to cater to various running needs, offering different results depending on factors such as material, shape, thickness, and curve. Whether you prioritize comfort or all-out speed, the speedboard adapts accordingly. The manufacturing process of the Speedboard remains somewhat undisclosed, although it is worth noting that On is located in Zurich, the same city as 9T Labs, a company that specializes in the production of carbon-grade composites using serial 3D printing. By providing lightweight yet durable shoe soles, 9T's ground-breaking hybrid AFT technology enables the development of high-performance structures, according to the company.


Obiri became a member of the On Athletics Club in 2022 and moved to Boulder to embark on her journey from track racing to marathons, with the guidance of Dathan Ritzenhein. Reflecting on her homecoming to Boston, Ritzenhein shared:


Coming back to Boston as the reigning champion, Hellen faced immense pressure to deliver. She embraced the challenge and focused her energy on her preparation and performance on the course. I am incredibly proud of her and her outstanding performance today. Hellen is an exceptional addition to our team, and her expertise is greatly valued.

Obiri's triumph has firmly established her position as one of the leading female long-distance runners globally. Her impressive performance in Boston will undoubtedly enhance her chances of being chosen to represent Kenya in the marathon event at her fourth Games.


Amidst less-than-ideal weather conditions, a staggering 30,000 runners gathered at the start line of the renowned Boston marathon's 128th edition. With 19 elite women with personal bests under 2:23 and seven with personal bets under 2:19, the race for the Boston crown was well and truly on.

Speaking on the win, Obiri said: “I’m super happy with the win today and to defend my title. Returning to Boston, I had a clear understanding of what to anticipate and could carefully devise my training and race approach based on my previous year's experience. I’m glad it paid off as it did, and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the season will bring.”

Obiri is one of the most decorated female athletes, being the only female athlete to win a world title in cross country  and indoor and outdoor track

Cheering on from the headquarters of the Swiss sportswear brand, On Co-Founder Olivier Bernhard said: “When we welcomed Hellen into our fold in 2022, she was already running royalty. After today’s convincing victory, she continues to carve out her own unique legacy. Her unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of excellence, showcased race after race, serve as a beacon of inspiration to all who have the privilege of witnessing her journey. We are profoundly grateful to count Hellen as a cherished member of both the On and the On Athletic Club teams. She truly embodies the power of the human spirit and inspires all of us to strive for excellence day after day.“


By Davide Sher

Source: https://www.voxelmatters.com/hellen-obiri-won-the-boston-marathon-wearing-3d-printed-on-shoes/

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