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HOVR Phantom SE

The Under Armour HOVR Phantom SE promises to be the brand’s most versatile sneaker. The design of the shoe has a Techwear vibe to it. Cutouts in the midsole expose the cushioning, while sharp edges along the heel caps give the sneakers a sleek look. The HOVR cushion is soft and gives the impression of walking on an airbag. To provide added support and structure, the cushion is encased in a stiffer foam shell. It helps give the stability that is expected from a performance running shoe. The HOVR Phantom SE tends to run narrow, so if you want a pair of these for casual use go a half or a full size up. The uppers are built from a mix of 3D printed midfoot panels and a stretchable warp knit uppers, to help provide lockdown during runs. The midfoot panels don’t stretch much, so pay attention when you try them on.


The HOVR Phantom SE is also a smart running shoe. You can connect them to your smartphone through the Map My Run app by Under Armour. The app can track different aspects of your runs or gym session to help you achieve your cardio goals. There are different levels and badges that you can earn. If you really want to be social with your workouts, you can share your progress to its community of running enthusiasts. If you are looking for running shoes that can be worn all day, this is a good option. You can get the Under Armour Phantom SE at their website or any outlet for $229.


Original Article: https://straatosphere.com/straat-reviews-under-armour-hovr-phantom-se/


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