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Illogical Dreamers - An Italian, plant-based ballerina

A shoe built in the image of the badass women who wear it.


It’s our whole-hearted belief that strong women become even stronger in shoes that are both stylish and comfy. That's why we create plant-based Italian Sacchetto shoes that are as bold as the women who wear them.

We’re one of the first to launch a plant-based Italian Sacchetto, and it didn’t come easy.  We traveled the world to find the most sustainable, plant-based materials with lowest carbon footprint  and partnered with the master of masters — Italian artisans.

Illogical Dreamers are not a guilty pleasure – they're over 200 steps of meticulously handmade pleasure. If this all sounds like the ultimate Italian shoe, then hey —  that’s only because it is.




Just like all those multi-tasking ladies out there, Illogical Dreamers offer a variety of customizable ankle bracelets designed to be super versatile. They’re designed to be worn wherever, doing whatever with whomever. 


Swap ‘em out to match your mood, food, or dude. It’s basically jewelry incorporated into a shoe. Or is it a shoe incorporated into jewelry? Either way, you’ll likey. Think of it as a “one shoe fits all.” 

Afternoon stroll? We have you covered.

Girls' night out? We have you covered.

Date night? Or just enjoying your glorious self? We have you covered. 


We believe that comfort is Queen. And that powerful women become even more amazing when they’re not fighting against blisters. In the UK, 160,000 women signed a petition that would stop companies from demanding females to wear high-heels. The same things happened in Japan. Clearly, there’s a time and place for heels – it’s just not always here, or now,  


We create comfy shoes for women who defy with an elegance, a curious spirit and the resolve of a viking. This is footwear that disregards the norm. Confronts what’s wrong. Stays environmentally conscious and baffles traditionalists. We believe powerful women become undeniably potent in comfy shoes. As part of a small village that spans the globe, we’re determined to elevate each artisan, designer and woman we encounter.



To all badass women out there striving to build a better world… Say hello to your new fav shoe.

You know all those illogical, impossible goals you set for yourself? New pie-in-the-sky dreams to make the world a better place? Whatever it is...Crush it & Repeat.

Each pair comes with an artfully embossed, inspiring message (“Crush it & Repeat”) as a lil’ reminder to lengthen your stride and keep pushing, over and over again.

We partnered with the amazing Margaret Kimball to custom design the blurb. A renowned illustrator, Margie creates lettering and illustrations, crafts graphic essays, is published in various magazines and now – on the bottom of our shoes.



Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, accounting for 8% of all carbon emissions? On top of that, the cattle industry is  the single biggest driver of the Amazon’s deforestation, causing about 80 percent of it (Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies). Scary, and a  big reason why at Illogical Dreamers, we relentlessly searched the world to uncover the most innovative, plant-based and recycled materials — those with the lowest carbon impact.

So yeah, some say we’re illogical for using only the world’s most sustainable materials. But to us, it’s the only dream worth having. 


Anything "plant-based" is the way to go, duh. It's 100% renewable, has a lower carbon footprint and does not promote the use of fossil fuel materials. We're very proud that our shoes are illogically plant-based.


Our “bio leather” was developed after 3 years of Research & Development. It is the embodiement of sustainable products and it is much more sustainable than leather. It is  made from elements derived from plant materials — like non-edible corn. Our shoes that use this material provide a 44% reduction in natural resources depletion, a 34% reduction in ozone layer depletion, a 13% reduction in carbon footprint,  and 100% happier moo cows. The leather used in our shoes is USDA certified and PETA approved.


Our insoles use upcycled coco fiber bonded with natural latex. This innovative technology allows the fiber to be easily molded, offering a sock-ish fit. This fiber is a 100% natural material: fully breathable, light, thermal insulating and naturally antimicrobial. It's also EU ecolabel certified. 


The outsoles  are made from good ol' plant rubber. Flexible. Super comfy. Beautiful. For the future, we’re already making plans to source the rubber from regenerative farming. Composition: 65% plant rubber and 35% recycled rubber.


We absolutely prioritize the use of recycled materials in our shoes. The recycled polyester in our (corn) leather shoes comes from post-consumer recyclable materials and our outsoles use 30% recycled rubber


All our materials follow the strict European guidelines, Click here for more info:


The “leather” in our shoes follows these certifications: 

  • USDA
  • PETA approved
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Global Recycle Standard (GRS) 


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’re honored to support reforestation with @onetreeplanted.


Italy has been THE artisanal shoemaking hub for as long as we can remember. Time seems to just move slower over there, so traditions are retained from generation to generation – and the shoes remain amazing. We partner exclusively with Italian artisans, combining their legacy of Sacchetto construction with today’s more sustainable materials.

In the shoe game, the whole “Made in Italy” badge is as good as it gets. But did you know that Italian shoemakers are becoming an endangered species? Like, literally. With all the world’s instant gratification and crazy tech, old masters simply can’t afford to pass on their knowledge, so they're in short supply now. That’s why Illogical Dreamers make it a point to embrace who makes our shoes, not just the country they came from. One you get your hands on a pair, you’ll see how our artisan relationships pay off.


Obviously, everyone knows Italians are super badass shoemakers. Problem is, the things are usually made of leather. We had an illogical thought – could we do a mashup of centuries old Italian craftsmanship with modern sustainable practices? Could we convince artisans to make the change? And would we end up making the ultimate Italian ballet flat? Yes, yes and yes!



Our Illogical Dreamers ballet flats adopt a classical method rooted deeply in Italian heritage – Sacchetto construction. In Italian, “Sacchetto” translates to “little sack.”

Basically, it feels like you’re wearing a super soft slipper, wherever you wear it. Once you try one on, you’ll know the difference immediately. 

This might be a little TMI, but here’s how it works: Most shoes wrap the upper around a stiff insole, but Sacchetto stitches the upper to a very soft lining to make what amounts to a “sock.” After the sole is added, we end up a something that’s incredibly soft and fits like a glove (but it’s a shoe).

It takes 200 steps (and 3 days) to create a single pair of Illogical Dreamer ballet flats. 

That’s just how our Italian artisans do it, there are simply no shortcuts. It’s all by hand, in a process handed (see what we did there?) down from generation to generation. It’s our mission to bring together their time-tested craftsmanship with modern, more sustainable technologies. Each Illogical Dreamer literally represents the best of both world. The most comfy, plant-based Sacchetto ever.


Hey Emilia Higashi here, founder of Illogical Dreamers. Just a quick story —I was in São Paulo for a business meeting and had to walk ONLY 3 blocks back to the hotel I was staying. When I got to the hotel, I had blisters all over my feet that caused me to suffer the whole week. I thought, do women have to suffer wearing all these ridiculously painful shoes? Really?!

Heck no.

   The next day, I embarked on this journey to search for the most comfortable shoe construction ever. But comfy is not good enough, it's 2022 for Pete's sake. They had to be plant-based. They had to be crafted by Italians. They had to lift women up! Much  later, after scouring the entire planet and refusing to settle, my Illogical Dream finally came true (and I hope you'll pledge to support it right now).


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/illogicaldreamers/illogical-dreamers-an-italian-plant-based-ballerina

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